The Earth Book


In this sumptuously produced and presented book, the planet is brought to us in all its glory.  The history, geography, geology, weather, flora and fauna of the Earth are just some of the subjects covered in ‘The Earth Book‘, a labour of love by the author Jonathan Litton and his illustrator Thomas Hegbrook. It’s almost like an entire atlas, encyclopaedia and biography of the Earth all rolled into one.

The Earth Book‘ is one the best non-fiction books to have come to our attention and a must for every child’s library.


The Earth Book

Jonathan Litton, with illustrations by Thomas Hegbrook

(Little Tiger Press) – hardback

In this stupendous book, the Earth is brought to us in all its wonders. ‘The Earth Book’ covers the history, geography, weather, flora and fauna of our planet in all its glory, in wonderful words and illustrations.  As a result, it really is a feast of information and a must for every child’s library.

‘The Earth Book’ is an atlas, encyclopaedia and history of the world all rolled into one, so is a real labour of love by author Jonathan Litton and illustrator Thomas Hegbrook.


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