The Elephant Detectives


What is Alan to do? This was supposed to be the perfect day, a day with Elephant, enjoying ‘a ride, a toffee ice cream and a balloon‘. However everything began to unravel when the balloon floated up to the tallest tree! It was too far away for Alan to reach. Then when he returned from trying to recover the balloon, Elephant had gone! Alan has no idea where to start looking. However, thankfully, Edie’s on hand. In fact, Edie declares that she is an Elephant Detective. Thereafter, the first port of call is the library….

After specifying features unique to elephants, from their hunger and curiosity, need for company, adventure and water, and the fact that they never forget, Edie insists they’re ready. However, their hunt for Alan takes curious turns. Doughnuts? The cinema? What’s more, might there be an elephant sized shadow following The Elephant Detectives?

Ged Adamson’s picture book is warm, funny and so empathetic. We love the illustrations and the deft, fluent storytelling. The Elephant Detectives is a wonderful picture book to share, know well, love and read often.

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The Elephant Detectives

Ged Adamson

(Nosy Crow)

Although it seems like the perfect day- ‘for a ride, a toffee ice cream and a balloon‘ – things go wildly wrong! A gust of wind carries Alan’s ballon to ‘the top of the Very Tall Tree‘. Although Alan stretches toward it, it seems the balloon is just outside of reach. However when he returns to, his best friend, Elephant’s last known spot, it seems he’s gone. Alan is all alone!
Thereafter, can Edie help? It seems she’s one of The Elephant Detectives. In fact she has a master plan! It involves six important facts, ranging from elephants’ anger, curiosity, their need for company, adventure and water, and the fact that they never forget. Can this help Alan find his beloved friend?
After doughnuts, he museum and the cinema, it seems that Alan’s rather suspicious of Edie’s claims. Then again, as we watch, we’re aware that Alan’s search might not be quite so desperate. We’re aware of a certain pachyderm shaped shadow…
 Ged Adamson offers such a delightful picture book that is perfect for sharing, laughing over getting to know well, and loving. Like Daisy and Bear, this is a title of friendship, fitting in, adventure and fun! Bookwagon recommends The Elephant Detectives to our readers.


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