The Elephant in the Room

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Gio isn’t to know that the day Alp mends his truck, will change his life. Somehow Alp’s daughter, Sila, triggers something in him that inspires him to live up to the love that his teacher wife had for her students, and then for him.

Therefore, when he meets up with Sila for donuts on his birthday, and they’re intrigued by a group of other diners, it seems more than coincidental. How could it be that her admission of a love for elephants is followed so shortly after by the arrival of one in the parking lot? What’s more it seems as though the owners are looking for somewhere to leave her. Could this be Gio’s chance?

Then again, what does a widowed, former carpenter, lottery winner, know about keeping elephants? Could it be that the boy whom Sila is engineered to befriending might help? Mateo is ‘the quietest boy’ in school, according to Sila. Yet it seems their school is aware that both students have retreated into silence, for different reasons. While Mateo is neurodiverse, Sila is nursing a deep, silent, aching absence, as she and her father, wait for some breakthrough in the regulations that prevent Sala’s mother from returning from Turkey. What can they do?

Bookwagon adores The Elephant in the Room. This is a warm-hearted, joyous, soul soaring novel that makes every hope, cheer and feel better. Bookwagon recommends that our readers experience this beautiful book.

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The Elephant in the Room

Holly Goldberg Sloan

(Piccadilly Press)

The Elephant in the Room for Sila is her mother’s absence. It seems that ever since her mother was forced to return to Turkey with immigration issues to iron out, there’s been a vast, gutting absence in her life. What’s more, as time has gone on, Sila and her father and mother seem to find it more difficult to be positive or confident in their constant Skype sessions.
However when Sila accompanies her father on a job to check out the vehicle, there is an unexpected diversion that changes their lives. Gio Gardino is a widowed carpenter. While he seems extraordinarily lucky in his huge lottery win, Gio is listless and empty without his wife. However, when he meets Sila and realises her sadness, he is moved. What’s more, when something exceptional occurs that relates to the discussion Gio and Sila have, it prompts him to make a seemingly rash decision. What does an Oregon landowner know abut caring for an Asian elephant? Thereafter, why would he think he could keep flamingo?
As Sila becomes more involved in Gio’s life and decisions, there is another factor in her life. It seems that her school considers buddying her up with another pupil will ease the social awkwardness of both. Although Sila knows Mateo Lopez by sight, she’s never thought much about him. However, now they are forced to spend time together. What’s more it seems there’s a lot to learn about this quiet, sensitive, particular boy. How might he get on with an elephant? Could his propensity for logic and designs help Gio’s mission?
Holly Goldberg Sloan has created some of Bookwagon’s favourite middle grade novels, from Counting by 7s to Short. Bookwagon is overjoyed to welcome a new title. The Elephant in the Room is an outstanding, moving and meaningful read that we urge readers to choose.

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  1. Paula Hale

    I was fortunate enough enough to be gifted this book by Bookwagon and it is superb. This is a wonderful story of a young girl and an elephant and SO much more! A beautiful story of friendship, love and fighting for what you believe in.

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