The Extraordinary Gardener


‘The Extraordinary Gardener’ sees potential in everything around him. Yet his world appears grey, flat, desolate and enclosed to us, initially. Joe longs ‘for his world to come to life.’ Inspired by his favourite book, he seeks a seed; Joe elects to find the perfect starter to change.

With patient care of his one seed, ‘The Extraordinary Gardener’, Joe begins a revolution. There is colour, sound, community, enquiry and hope.

Joe’s inspiration and actions are symbolic. However, Sam Boughton takes his idea beyond something predictable through his lyrical language, the wonder we experience with Joe, and the sophisticated pictures. From a misty grey, splattered landscape, of boxed individuals, we delight in the release of people, movement, progress.

‘The Extraordinary Gardener’ is a beautiful, inspiring and empathetic book, in which Bookwagon delights. We recommend it to every home and classroom bookshelf.


The Extraordinary Gardener

Sam Boughton

(Tate Publishing)– hardback

Joe, The Extraordinary Gardener, escapes the world outside through his capacious imagination. Although reality is grey, closed and uninspiring, Joe sees potential all around him. Reading about the wonder of the world outside inspires Joe; it plants a seed. Therefore, when he spies just what he is looking for… he plants it. Where can one seed lead? What can one boy hope to achieve?
Although the message of this story is familiar as through wonderful titles like Melissa Castrillōn’s The Balcony, every interpretation is different. While this title, is a seed of hope, and an inspiration, Joe seeks to build the world of which he dreams.
The Extraordinary Gardener ‘is a parable wherein Sam Boughton considers a collective mood in his interpretation of the grey world outside. Thereafter, Joe is his vessel to remind each of us that one seed, maybe a seed of hope, might make a difference to this world. The growing colours, the winding shapes, the tendrils of creation are a testimony to Joe’s work.


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