The Eye of the North


Emmeline Widget’s life is full of her parents’ absences.This offers more opportunity for reading, investigating and creating. When her breakfast is interrupted by a note suggesting she may be an orphan and must make her way to Paris, there is little time for Emmeline to do anything other than collect her satchel. What happens next, to her, and her satchel, is beyond anything her parents planned, or that Emmeline could imagine.

With a loyal stowaway who becomes an attachment and ally, to creatures long hidden by legend, Emmeline is in for the race of her life, and her parents’ lives, to ‘The Eye of the North‘. Can she, Emmeline Widget, hold herself against Machiavellian evil-doers, the North Witch, a cold beyond horror, and the possibility of death, destruction and an awakening Kraken? Emmeline is terrified of heights, and spends more time in her room reading than most other children of her age! However, the future is in Emmeline’s hands.

This is a rip-roaring, confident, gripping adventure story, rooted in classic stories. Bookwagon recommends ‘The Eye of the North‘ highly to our thrill-seeking readers.


The Eye of the North

Sinéad O’Hart

(Stripes Publishing)

The Eye of the North‘ leaves the reader little time to finish their toast before being rushed, like Emmeline, onto a liner of danger and adventure. Emmeline doesn’t understand the letter left to her by her parents, presuming them dead. However, en route to the mysterious Madame Blancheflour in Paris, she learns very quickly, that she is a target. What’s more, she is not alone, there is a Thing to help. This is a seat of your pants, lyrical, whirling adventure story with its foundations in the world of classics. We recommend ‘The Eye of the North‘ to all daring, dreaming readers.


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