The Fights That Make Us


Jesse has recently come out as non-binary, and is struggling to find their place at school, and ideas for their project on lost stories from history.  Thirty-five years earlier, Jesse’s cousin Lisa is falling for her best friend, but with new laws being introduced to restrict LGBT people’s rights, they’ll have to fight for the world to accept who they are.

When Jesse stumbles across Lisa’s teenage diary, they are fascinated and horrified by her stories of living a secret life and protesting in the streets. Now it’s Jesse’s turn to find a way to shine a spotlight on a history that mustn’t be forgotten. These are The Fights that Make Us

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The Fights That Make Us

Sarah Hagger-Holt


The Fights That Make Us is powerful and poignant storytelling at its best. The book tells two overlapping stories, one from the present day and another from history.  In the present day, Jesse has recently come out as non-binary and wants to learn more about the history of the LGBTQ+ movement.  The second story tells of Jesse’s cousin Lisa as she navigates a controversial period in that history.  Gay people are facing bigotry and hatred, while the government has brought in an Act of Parliament containing a clause known as Section 28.  This clause effectively prohibited local authorities from activities deemed to be ‘promoting homosexuality’.
Lisa’s experiences navigating love, friendship, and activism in such a divided time provide enriching historical context for Jesse’s own story.  Lisa’s teenage diary entries offer an insight into her struggles and those of LGBTQ+ individuals fighting for their rights.  The story flows seamlessly between past and present and the experiences of the cousins.
The stories are told with charm and wit and the overall reading experience is very rewarding.  Bookwagon also also stocks other titles from Sarah Hagger-Holt, including her acclaimed Nothing Ever Happens Here and Proud of Me.


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