The Final Year

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It seems that Nate’s mother saw his Dad as Jesus, while Jax’s was a body builder. Then again, Dylan’s was a lottery. However, the family are tight, with Nate filling in the gaps, and drawing in the scent of his mother when she returns late from the bingo. It seems words are his way out. The words- ‘breathe, breathe, breathe’- help him overcome the Beast that threatens to engulf him.

The Beast is present in The Final Year, as Nate and PS (Parker Smith) are in separate classes. While Nate’s a first time teacher, Mr Joshua, PS and Turner are with the Griffin- ‘man, what a dragon!‘ Then again, ‘Turner’s no learner/ he’ll fight and he’ll burn ya/ he’s done things that can’t be forgiven’…  

What will Turner’s presence in PS’s life mean for his life long friendship with Nate? Then again, what’s happening with Dylan? The Turbo Terror seems to be winding down, tired, quiet….

We join Nate in The Final Year, of battles, fears, terror, new friendship, discoveries and hope. Bookwagon asserts that this is one of the best books we have read for our children’s bookstore. What’s more, we recommend this title to every learner, every reader, parent and… teacher.

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The Final Year

Matt Goodfellow, illustrated by Joe Todd- Stanton

(Otter-Barry Books)

Nate’s older brother to Jax and Dylan. For now, Dylan’s focus is upon ‘Spideywebs‘, while Jax and Nate pick sides. ‘Me, picking Real Madrid on Fifa: ‘How’s yer dad, Jax?/ No Idea. He’s a muppet. Don’t need him./ Jax goes for Barcelona: ‘How’s yer dad, Nate?// Me: ‘No Idea. He’s a muppet, Jax. Don’t need him’.// Together: ‘We have each other, brother!’ 
It seems the brothers are tight. That’s  despite Mum being ‘bonkers’, her cider and bingo nights with Aunty San next door, meagre Christmas days and own brand cereal. In fact, they’re a band, including at school, where Jax watches as his beloved big brother is upended in The Final Year.
Isn’t Year 6 the year of SATS, ‘- boosters and revision/- a fishbowl/ everyone looks at the Year 6’s/- a time to knuckle down and focus’?. Then again, it seems this is the year that Nate and PS (Parker Smith)- ‘best mate since [Nate} nicked his biscuit at nursery’ are in separate classes. What’s more, this is the year, that Nate’s world is torn apart, that the Beast seeks to knock the breath out of him. Can Turner, and then Dylan, cause him to lose the hope that ‘every little thing’s gonna be all right‘?
Bookwagon cannot praise this title highly enough. It seems as though Matt Goodfellow scorches our heart with Nate. What’s more, Nate’s discovery of David Almond, The Colour of the Sun and then Skellig? We would go so far as to say that The Final Year should be on every reader’s, every teachers’, shelf.

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  1. Paula hale

    This is a must read, a need to read, essential read, please read… a 5 star beauty of a book. Loved it so so much! I can understand the hype for it ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

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