The Firefly’s Light


It seems that a kingfisher’s ‘clean, splash-free dive‘ inspired Eiji Nakatsu’s design for the ‘beak‘ of ‘the world- famous Japanese Shinkansen (Bullet Train)’. Then again, Leonardo da Vinci’s design for an armoured vehicle within which soldiers and weapons might be hidden, was inspired by a tortoise. What’s more, Chinese innovators have designed ‘a strong and stretchy material using hydrogel fibres‘ inspired by spider silk! These are only a few examples revealed within The Firefly’s Light.

Writer and illustrator, Sarah Horne, reveals The Secret Inventors of Our Natural World, creatures who inspire ‘products, art, machinery and technology‘ we use in our every day lives. The Firefly’s Light is a most informative, delightful and fascinating title that we are delighted to welcome aboard!

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The Firefly’s Light

The Secret Inventors of Our Natural World

Sarah Horne


‘Many of the ingenious features of the natural world- have captured our imagination and inspired us to create’...
Sarah Horne whom we love and know for works such as Panda in the Spotlight, offers examples of real-life inventions inspired by nature. For example, Percy Shaw was inspired by cats’ eyes to create light up studs for safer night driving. We see these on motorways and highways around the world. Furthermore, Panelite was inspired by the hexagonal shape of beehives to pioneer the ‘honeycomb structures in building materials such as ceilings, skylights, walls and roofs‘. What’s more, the paper construction of wasps’ nests seems to be inspiring eco- friendly packaging. For example, sawdust, such as is discarded through wasp nest making, could be  employed within plastic free 3D printer technology. Then again, The Firefly’s Light are the inspiration for making LED lighting even more efficient than it is currently. These are only a few from a vast and wonderful collection of examples of human ingenuity inspired by nature.
Bookwagon is riveted by The Firefly’s Light and recommends this title highly to homes and classrooms. It is truly inspiring and informative.


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