The Flight of Mr Finch


‘Mr Finch was an ordinary man. Nothing extraordinary ever happened to him.‘ He has a dependable life of safe routine until Pip doesn’t whistle his usual greeting from his cage. Mr Finch is distraught. ‘He must miss the sky,‘ he thinks. Mr Finch opens the door to danger and adventure when he’s encouraged to buy a most marvellous plant to cure his feathered friend’s malady.

Dense plants, scary noises, jaguars, wise men, river trails are faced as Mr Finch continues on Pip’s trail, left by the marvellous plant.

Rich green Rousseau like hues and shapes, intersected by red alert image markers, provide a detailed, mature story ripe with inferred allegory. ‘The Flight of Mr Finch’ is a magnificent, ‘forever’ sophisticated picture book. We are delighted to have found it and to present it to our readers.

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The Flight of Mr Finch

Thomas Baas

(Tate)- hardback

The Flight of Mr Finch‘ is a Rousseau/ M. Hulot style creation. It is ripe with allegory, full of opportunities to infer and take suggested meanings. The lush green colour palette, intersected by red ‘alert’ character markings are inventive. This is such an intelligent and original picture story book. We recommend ‘The Flight of Mr Finch‘ to all our readers.


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