The Frost Goblin


What are the Frostgobbles to do? It’s the coldest night of the year, when they’re compelled to spread icy. magical frost everywhere- ‘not just gardens,‘ but ‘absolutely everything‘. However their magical fingertips are suddenly green which means their magic has disappeared!

However, coincidentally, Bertie Crash-Wallop, from next-door, feels ‘an icy coldness spread out from his palms‘ toward ‘bright silver‘ fingertips! Might he, and Ada Frostgobble be the only hope of spreading magical frosty hope throughout Clatterstomp’s gardens in a single hour? Bertie has some doubts; after all, he’s not a goblin. Then again, Ada, is younger than him, and desperate to take on this challenge. Will the pair manage this special task?

Bertie’s discovered his neighbours accidentally, while seeking to escape from the noise of his triplet sisters and loud parents. It seems he lives in a silent vacuum and feels invisible. However, might there be another message, just for him, realised on this wintry night?

Bookwagon loves Fiona Woodcock’s winter tinged, sparkling illustrations that serve to highlight Abi Elphinstone’s beautiful story so well. The Frost Goblin is a perfect choice to read aloud, cherish and gift. What a magical book.

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The Frost Goblin

Abi Elphinstone & Fiona Woodcock

(Simon & Schuster)

It seems that nobody in his family takes notice of Bertie Crash- Wallop. Not only are his mother and father, a vigorous singer and active sports teacher respectively, loud, but there’s the Hurricane, his triplet sisters! Therefore, on a wintry night, he’s compelled to seek the outside dark and cold beneath a December moon. However, Bertie’s escape leads him to discover ‘small, black. round’ door handle in next-door’s fence. Although the property has been for sale forever, it appears somebody lives there. What’s more they’re in need of Bertie’s help…
Abi Elphinstone and Fiona Woodcock collaborated on the wintry wondrous The Snow Dragon. They return with The Frost Goblin, which follows Bertie’s discovery of, and thereafter his collaboration with, Ada Frostgobble, as they seek to overturn a disaster! It seems the Frostgobbles are responsible for spreading magical frost on ‘winter’s coldest night’. What’s more, it must go ‘perfectly over absolutely everything in its path.’ After all, this deep ‘frost has the power to rekindle hope to anyone who’s lost it’. Therefore, when Ada’s parents’ fingertips lose their magic, while inexperienced Ada and Bertie are suddenly empowered, there’s no alternative, but to jump into the breach!
Bookwagon adores The Frost Goblin. Not only is it a truly sympathetic, magical picture book beautiful to share, but its pictures are inspiring and lyrical.


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