The Funny Life of Teachers


James Campbell turns his attention to schools. It is a natural move, since he has visited over 2 000 British schools! In ‘The Funny Life of Teachers’, the comedic writer considers topics including what teachers do after school, the smells in school, and assemblies.

He compares varieties of teachers and styles of Headteachers. We receive good advice on what we need to do to prepare for tests, for sitting still in school, for approaching the playground and for being late for school. James Campbell offers his experiences of school reception and notice boards. (‘Where is all the felt?’)

As in The Funny Life of Pets, each subject is explored in detail. Rob Jones extends the research with detailed, funny drawings. (I love his hamsters, particularly!)  ‘Post it’ style attachments invite us to explore subject links.

I enjoy ‘The Funny Life of Teachers’ very much. There are places that make we wince (as a former teacher), but more that make me laugh. Particularly enjoyable were the writer’s observations about recorder playing. (My loathing of this practice was only eased when I discovered the pleasure of teaching children to play them through their nostrils.)


The Funny Life of Teachers

James Campbell and Rob Jones


‘The Funny Life of Teachers’ explores the world of schools. What does go on behind the staff room door? Why is the number of lollipop ladies declining? Who took all the felt?
James Campbell’s considerations, observations and information are dense, original, necessary and riotous. I love the way Rob Jones interprets the comedic writer’s flights of fancy.


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