The Ghost of Gosswater


When Agatha learns that the recently deceased Lord Asquith is not her father, she is disposed of to the village and her real father, someone she’s never met. Cousin Clarence is now Lord Asquith, determined to overthrow all memories of the Asquith family, after he’s located the legendary opals. While the Queen Opal has been missing for years, Aggie knows the whereabouts of the King Opal. Furthermore, she is determined to learn her real parentage amongst the wealth of secrets of Gosswater Hall.

Yet first she has a father to learn about. Thereafter, there seem to be secrets upon Skelter Island, where generations of Asquiths, including her once father, are buried. Will she take up the challenge of the grave digger’s protege, and seek out The Ghost of Gosswater Hall, at midnight on New Year’s Eve, when the new century begins? The ghost is said to splinter between the centuries…. Surely it’s all nonsense? Or is it?

Lucy Strange returns with a truly gripping, strong, memorable story. Agatha is a determined, resourceful main character within a setting that we can imagine… The Ghost of Gosswater Hall is haunting, rich, exciting; a truly riveting read!


The Ghost of Gosswater

Lucy Strange

(Chicken House)

The Ghost of Gosswater is rumoured to awaken to New Year’s Eve, ‘creeping through the centuries’. Bryn dares Aggie to venture onto Skelter Island to see her for herself. Aggie is desperate enough to take up his dare, for ever since the death of her grandfather, Lord Asquith, her world has been upturned. Not only has wretched Cousin Clarence inherited Gosswater Hall, but Agatha has learned that her father is Thomas, a lowly village thief. However, what are the truths? Who is Aggie? Furthermore, who is her mother?
While Clarence is without the Queen Opal of Gosswater Hall, he is driven to desperation. Thereafter, he knows of the King Opal that replaced the Queen Opal after its mysterious disappearance. So, too, does Aggie, and she is determined to leave Gosswater Hall with some form of revenge against her ill-treatment. Yet, what do the opals mean?
Like Lucy Strange’s earlier works, beloved of BookwagonOur Castle By the Sea and The Secret of Nightingale Wood, we are held captive by The Ghost of Gosswater. Aggie is a determined, intrepid heroine. It seems that little fazes her except the father with whom she’s forced to live, and thereafter, what she discovers on New Year’s Eve on Skelter Island…


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