The Girl Who Broke the Sea


Lily doesn’t hold out much hope for the second chance her mother promises her when they accept an invitation to join the Deephaven scientific research crew. There might be a position for her scientist mother to fulfil, but Lily will be joining a small school aboard the submersible. After recent events, with an horrendous incident with her best friend, and then desertion of her father, Lily’s in pieces. It’s as though her head is full of compulsive thoughts to break things apart, including potential friendships. Then again, the continual voices in her head lead her to recognise that things are not as they should be aboard the submersible. It’s not only the tensions between science and engineering crew, but the computers…

When Lily and Evan investigate beyond the submersible, illegally, they chance on something promised in Evan’s father’s notes. Yet where is Evan’s father? What is the truth about his discoveries? How can Lily’s mother track these before whatever magic might be found could be destroyed by mining? Then again, what does Lily see, feel and understand?

Bookwagon was consumed by The Girl Who Broke the Sea. What a deeply satisfying, stirring and mature psychological drama. We recommend this book to all curious, mature older readers.

Carnegie Medal nominated

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The Girl Who Broke the Sea

A. Connors


Deephaven seems the best course of action for Lily and her mother, Dr Fawcett. The submersible research vessel is investigating life deep within the sea bed. However, this is also the setting of potential mining wealth. It means that there are tensions within the science and engineering crew aboard the vessel. However, Lily and her mother know none of this when they come aboard. It seems they’re only looking for a chance.
The Girl Who Broke the Sea is wrecked by events at home, from the incident with her best friend, to her father’s absence from her life. It’s made her defensive, isolated, and inclined to break things. It seems that her mother is keen for Lily to see this as a chance to make friends, start afresh. However, Lily’s too wound up and her compulsions are too demanding. Then again, what if these compulsions lead her to see things, even things that Evan’s scientist father was searching for before he went missing…
Like On Silver Tides and Alebrijes, The Girl Who Broke the Sea from physicist and first time writer, A. Connors. Alongside a setting that is so plausible that we almost hold our breaths, he creates such a stirring drama. What’s more, this story is full of possibilities, hopes and thoroughly engaging.


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