The Girl Who Fell to Earth


The Girl Who Fell to Earth, Aria, lives on a well-ordered planet.  Illness and even death has been eradicated illness. Earth is their ‘shadow planet’ which they populated with humans centuries ago so they could study them and learn from their experiences. Now the experiment is coming to an end because of the destructive behaviour humankind has brought about.

Aria and her father must travel to Earth to set off a train of events which will destroy its people. Aria is harbouring a secret however, she knows that she has human DNA.  Brought up to believe that humans are inferior, Aria is amazed to find that Earth-dwellers live life to the full and feel love for each other, even though they are mortal. But once she understands this, how can she save them, and herself, from destruction?

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The Girl Who Fell to Earth

Patricia Forde

(Little Island)

The Girl Who Fell to Earth is a super sci-fi thriller with a real heart.  Aria has made an astounding discovery about herself – she has some human DNA.  How can this possibly be so?  She has grown up on Terros, a planet whose people have ended illness and even death.  Furthermore, her family are several generation Terrosians.  The shadow planet, by which Terrosians know Earth, and its billions of humans, have been created by Terros.  Moreover, having observed the destruction that humans have wrought on Earth, now the experiment has to come to an end.
Aria and her father have been sent on a mission to Earth, where they will set off a chain of events that will lead to a global deadly pandemic.  Further, humans will be eradicated and the experiment will start again.  However, once on Earth, Aria realises that humans are kind to each other, they love each other and there is enormous amounts of goodwill and charity.  What’s more, how can Aria go ahead with her mission and what is the key to her origins?
This is a very thoughtful and exciting science-fiction thriller, packed with ideas and with a real moral heart.
Author Patricia Forde has recently been honoured as Ireland’s children literature laureate.


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