The Girl Who Stole an Elephant


Chaya is ‘The Girl Who Stole an Elephant‘, yet Ananda is a necessity. How else will she, Neel, and the stowaway, Nour, hope to escape the Kings’ men? Chaya has stolen the Queen’s jewels, yet Neel, her friend, is accused of the crime and imprisoned. Chaya is quick and alert, and keen to prise him from prison. However, guards are wise to her move and soon on the heels of the pair, and the interloper. Ananda, the King’s elephant, offers them safe passage and some security and camouflage in the jungle to which they flee.

Yet there is more to the story. Why does Chaya seek to steal from the King? The jewels are not the first items she has taken. To whom does she give these valuables? What is happening in her Sri Lankan village that makes a young girl feel she has to act so desperately? Furthermore, why is Nour so keen to stowaway with them? She seems to be prepared, yet her awkwardness and fears in the jungle make her a liability.

Can the trio stay safely hidden from the Kings’ men? What other dangers might they face? It’s a bold, bejewelled adventure, a wonderful sensory experience! It’s time to issue the command to Ananda and step aboard with ‘The Girl Who Stole an Elephant’!

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The Girl Who Stole an Elephant

Nizrana Farook

(Nosy Crow)

The Girl Who Stole an Elephant steals jewels from the Queen, first. There’s a ‘particularly nice blue sapphire‘ in her collection. However, Chaya is stealing jewels to help others. The King has made life so difficult for the people in her village, that those who are hurt, ill or in difficulty, cannot afford to survive. Therefore, Chaya feels she has little choice.
When Chaya is discovered outside the palace, she sets off a chain of disasters. These involve her friend, Neel, who is held accountable for the jewel thefts. After all, how could a girl, and then the daughter of the village Head, be responsible? Yet Chaya takes on more than her fair share of responsibility. She is quick to own up to her actions and forthright in her reasons. Therefore, when a third person seeks to escape with Chaya and Neel into the village, she finds herself unwelcome. Not only is Nour ill-equipped- who brings bedsheets as essential escape items?- but proves a sequinned liability. However, with the King’s elephant, Chaya is determined the party will make a clean break from the turmoil they’ve created. After all, the only dangers they might face will be leopards, leeches, the Kings’ men, or bandits….
This jasmine scented title reminds me of Philip Pullman’s adventure titles such as Clockwork, or All Wound Up and The Fireworks Maker’s Daughter. There is humour, wonder, determination, discovery and such a strongly moral message. Bookwagon is proud to sell The Girl Who Stole an Elephant. 


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