The Girl Who Stole the Stars


The Girl Who Stole the Stars asks Santa Claus for a magical ladder to enable her to climb into the night sky. Once there, she picks a glowing star to call her own. Yet what happens when that star’s shine diminishes? Is it lonely? Should she climb to gather friends for her star? Thereafter, what if their glow dims, also?

Then again, what if the little girl needs to help somebody who cannot track his path across the night sky? Every year on the same night, he leads his reindeer across the night sky, with the stars and moon to guide him. Suddenly he is lost, and only the girl with the magical ladder might help!

The Girl Who Stole the Stars has a tender story told within glorious ink and crayon pictures. The shapes, colours and use of white and dark/ night and day is so innovative! This beautiful picture book is highly recommended as a bedtime story for Christmas, or those nights when the moon and stars shine brightly…


The Girl Who Stole the Stars

Corrina Campbell

(Little Door Books)

The Girl Who Stole the Stars uses the gift Santa Claus gives her to reach them. She climbs her magical ladder ‘up and up and up’ until she reaches one star. Yet when this star shine dims, she considers it needs friends. Again, she climbs her magical ladder, this time returning with more stars. They in turn flounder outside of the night sky. Will she have to gather all the stars in the sky that her stars shine as brilliantly as they did once?
Yet what if the stars, and then the moon, are needed by someone who uses them to guide his sleigh? Furthermore, what if all the sparkle she has gathered is not really as wondrous as it is during nighttime, in the night sky? What might The Girl Who Stole the Stars do to save the situation?
The Girl Who Stole the Stars shares tender themes and storytelling with Star in a Jar and Space Tortoise. Thereafter, its crayon and ink pictures are explosive, brilliant and glorious against the white frames and ink night backdrops.
Bookwagon recommends this title as a tender bedtime story for home, at Christmas time, or any deep starry night.


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