The Girl Who Walked on Air


I had to put this book down close to the end of the first chapter; I was already rather shaken up and concerned about Louie, and the fate of her protector, Jasper. However, Louie’s determination, and my curiosity in her story, set in the early 20th century, a time of daring deeds and exploitative publicity, could not keep me away. It led to me reading about the Niagara tight rope crossings too….

In The Girl Who Walked On Air,  Emma Carroll has created a splendid story that is really tough, gritty and gripping. I suggest confident readers would sweep through this book satisfyingly, while it would grip more reluctant readers with its subject matter and taste of circus reality. Superb!

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The Girl Who Walked on Air

Emma Carroll

(Faber & Faber)

 Louie’s resilience is evident from the moment we meet her. From an uncertain start, to doubts of her from the circus crew, to a tough existence, her will to succeed where no other has before inspires her. It seems she is compelled to move forward by dreams of what might lie ahead. Furthermore, she’s aware of her debt to a cruel ringmaster and faint memories of her mother. Yet are any of these remembrances true? Thereafter, does this ringmaster have her best intentions at heart, really? It seems the stories he told have echoes of untruths, don’t they?
The Girl Who Walked On Air is an exuberant story of the early days of circus in the twentieth century. It is inspiring, bold and totally captivating! Furthermore, Emma Carroll summons up the smell of greasepaint, fear, excitement and thereafter reckless enthusiasm. What does Louie have planned? Is it feasible? Is it safe? Who is there for Louie, really? Can she really leave Jasper, the only person who seems to have her best interests at heart? For fans of Emma Carroll’s later works, including Secrets of a Sun King, Bookwagon recommends The Girl Who Walked on Air.


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