The Girls


‘The Girls’ are as different as they are the same. One is very adventurous, another has lots of ideas, one is supportive and practical, the fourth a natural performer. Yet each encourages and values the other. They share ‘secrets, dreams, worries and schemes’. Occasionally, they fall out. Sometimes they meet adversity. Yet their bond means they work to find a way back, and always support each other.

As time passes, their lives take different paths. Yet, ‘The Girls’ remain loyal to each other and their shared values of tolerance, loyalty and hope.

‘The Girls’ is a story of every girl, every woman. With open, welcoming text, and white framed, inviting pictures on quality matte paper, this is a ‘forever’ book. Its message is strong and heartening and necessary.

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The Girls

Lauren Ace, Jenny Lovlie

(Little Tiger)

Through discoveries, adventures, setbacks and laughter, The Girls share and grow, learn and bond. ‘Secrets, dreams, worries and schemes’ hold them close.  Yet who are they and what are their goals? Thereafter how are they different? What is the bond that holds them together? We wonder and watch through a lifetime as the four grow, change, fail and succeed. It seems as though they understand and value each other. Furthermore, they appear to be for each other always. Therefore, what might we learn from their example? In addition, how might we adapt in our behaviour to accept and nurture our friendships?
As we watch through spring toned pictures of loveliness and hope, we realise that it’s more than grazed knees that the friends help each other through. Thereafter, we see how the apple tree is more than a meeting point for it too offers a sense of growth, change, knock back and steadfastness. What is our apple tree? Is this a symbol for a beginning?
Like The Restless Girls, or for older readers, Ordinary Girls, The Girls is a story of friendship, tolerance and love. It is a book to be read, gifted, loved and cherished. It seems as though Lauren Ace and Jenny Lovlie have created a picture book for a lifetime. Furthermore, the duo return with a reminder of the value of core friendships and strength in union with The Boys.
Evidence of the reach of this title is the reason for its desrvedsuccess in the Waterstones’ Children’s Book Award. 


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