The Glass of Lead and Gold


‘The Glass of Lead and Gold‘ is magical. On Christmas Eve a sinister stranger approaches Tabetha on the banks of the Themse as she trawls for treasure. ‘Has she seen it?’ Tabetha is suspicious.  Tabetha lives on the fringes of harsh Londra, a city of elves, trolls and malice. Treasure such as the magic glass could not exist, could never be found, must never be shown. Should it?

Tabetha is revealed by the stranger’s approach, the dubious support of glassmakers, trolls and a one-armed kitchen owner, the redoubtable Ofelia Fuentes.

Cornelia Funke spins stories of gold. Every child should access her ‘Inkheart’ series. ‘The Glass of Lead and Gold‘ is an eerie, hinter world title that suggests the underworld chill of a London Christmas.

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The Glass of Lead and Gold

Cornelia Funke

(Pushkin)– hardback novella

Tabetha lives a shadowed life in Londra. On Christmas Eve, she is approached by a sinister man. He enquires about her mud larking finds in the Themse, specifically a piece of magical glass. Tabetha is naturally suspicious. What is ‘The Glass of Lead and Gold’? What power might it hold?


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