The Glassmaker’s Daughter


‘There was once a beautiful city built on water…’ In this beautiful city lives Daniela, ‘The Glassmaker’s Daughter‘, who, despite the beauty of her surroundings, is a ‘melancholy girl.’ Desperate, her father offers a glass palace to the person who can make his daughter smile.

This traditional, fairytale style story is developed into something more, something awe inspiring, as teams of glassmakers, sword swallowers, mask makers and lion tamers aim to make Daniela smile. There is no suggestion as to the remedy, yet when it comes, it proves affirmative and natural.

Diane Hofmeyr’s descriptive, lush prose is more than matched by the wonder, delicacy, colour and spectacle of Jane Ray’s breath-taking illustrations.

The Glassmaker’s Daughter‘ is a superb title. We recommend this as a wonderful gift for any age, a book that will be loved and treasured always by readers aged from 4 or 5 years.


The Glassmaker’s Daughter

Dianne Hofmeyr, illustrated by Jane Ray

(Frances Lincoln)

Lion tamers, mask makers, sword swallowers and dragon slayers are amongst those who aim to make ‘The Glassmaker’s Daughter‘ smile, but to no avail. If the wonder of Venice, and the spectacle of the performers, cannot raise her from her melancholy, what is to be done? This dazzling book is one to be enjoyed and treasured. We recommend it to readers aged from 4 or 5, to adults, looking for a gift book for a loving reader.


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