The Glorious Race of Magical Beasts


Eli knows that he’d do anything for Nana. After all, didn’t she pick up the pieces when his adventuring parents met their end to The Glorious Race of Magical Beasts? Thereafter, she’s cared for him, nurturing his love of books, his role as an apprentice librarian and the knowledge of his magical powers.

However, Nana is not so happy when Eli draws Jeremiah Jones from his favourite book. Jeremiah is is his favourite character, an heroic adventurer. His life means that Jeremiah’s a true friend who’s grown older just as Eli has. However, it seems that Jeremiah holds a secret, as does Eli. Could it be that Jeremiah’s life is in danger?

Then again, could the pair face the biggest danger of all should they enter The Glorious Race of Magical Beasts? Jeremiah feels compelled to support Eli, who must win the prize for Nana. Yet this is the race that destroyed his parents, that threatens any entrant’s life. What’s more, it seems there’s a competitor who will need the friends’ help. Can she be trusted?

Bookwagon was completely enthralled by The Glorious Race of Magical Beasts! What a rollicking, clever, brilliant and ingenious fantasy adventure. We cannot recommend this book more highly!

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The Glorious Race of Magical Beasts

Alex Bell

(Faber & Faber)

Eli might start each day sweeping up bat droppings from the Library’s Long Room, but he’s content. After all, he has Nana and Humphrey, his moon tortoise. Then again, he’s an apprentice librarian, a role for which he’s longed. It doesn’t matter to Eli that he’s seen as a bit of a nerd in tweed suits and briefcase. After all, he’s safe. What’s more, few know that he’s a mage.
However, his mage skills are necessary when he’s compelled to enter The Glorious Race of Magical Beasts. What wouldn’t Eli do for Nana? Furthermore, it seems he’ll be accompanied by his dearest friend, Jeremiah Jones, the boy who dares to do everything that Eli would not. However, Jeremiah’s existence, his physical reality is down to Eli. Thereafter, might it be under threat? Could there be a problem posed by Jeremiah’s creator that means this deadly competition is even more worrying? Then again, what of Raven, the half faery? It seems she and her magical animal need a berth upon Jeremiah’s enchanted craft, Nepo. It’s not long before her presence upsets Jeremiah. Can she be trusted?
Alex Bell delights readers with her The Polar Bear Explorer’s Club series. It seems she’s able to compel us aboard her adventures where we’re gripped and left fighting for breath! Not only are there astounding animals, but then we’ve a considered philosophy of difference and individuality. In fact, Bookwagon suggests that this title, The Glorious Race of Magical Beasts, is this writer’s finest adventure yet. Thereafter we recommend it to all bold, daring, book loving, philatelic readers.


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