The Golden Horsemen of Baghdad


The Golden Horsemen of Baghdad’ are twelve characters Jabir is charged with carving. Can he, a 12-year old village boy, without reputation or support, live up to the faith placed in him? Jabir is determined.  How else might he pay off his family’s evil landlord and save them from eviction?

This carving will be so intricate and detailed; time is tight. The pressure to be exact is high, for ‘The Golden Horsemen of Baghdad‘ are an integral part of a magnificent gift to the Emperor Charlemagne.  This presentation will demonstrate the unique skills of the craftsmen of Baghdad.

Saviour Pirotta’s storytelling is captivating. Jabir’s modesty, initiative and determination are convincing. I loved learning about an entirely different age and setting. There is such respect in the research and tale! Incorporation of unknown vocabulary and references (assisted by a glossary) ensures the story flows and builds. ‘The Golden Horsemen of Baghdad’ is a superb story for enquiring readers.

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The Golden Horsemen of Baghdad

Saviour Pirotta

(Bloomsbury Education)

Jabir seeks work in the city to save his family from eviction from their home. What can he do to earn money? He cannot fish like his father, and has little skill other than his woodcarving hobby. Could this lead to something? Maybe something truly exceptional that would bring honour to the caliph and the great city of Baghdad? What of the evil landlord who seems determined to destroy Jabir’s family?


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