The Good Thieves


Despite appearances, Vita is made of stern stuff. Grandpa knows this. He compares her with his beloved wife, Vita’s grandmother, whom he misses. He aches with the shame of the deception played on him. Vita’s grandfather has been tricked out of Hudson Castle, his ancestral home. Every brick and sod is known to him. The story of how his family built the home is inscribed on his heart. it is the home he shared with Vita’s grandmother. Now it is gone.

En route to New York, Vita is charged with red-hot determination to right this wrong. Armed with her red notebook, she is committed to facing out Victor Sorrotore, realise his motivation and see him return what is rightfully her grandfather’s.

Yet 1920’s New York is not a place for rightfulness. It is less a place for girls, particularly girls scarred through polio. How can Vita think she might stand up to hoodlums, murderers, liars and thieves? She will need more than determination and a plan. She will need a troupe, ‘The Good Thieves‘, young people like her with fires of righteousness and a need to be heard in their bellies.

Join the adventure, climb the wall, high dive from the chandelier! ‘The Good Thieves’ is adventure at its peak, dazzling, daring and dangerous!


The Good Thieves

Katherine Rundell

(Bloomsbury)– hardback

The Good Thieves opens with a telegram informing Vita and her mother of grandmother’s death. It seems like the pair must travel to New York for Grandfather is in trouble. Furthermore, their family home has been tricked out of his possession.
It is 1920’s New York, a city of brigands, liars and hooch pedlars. Chief amongst these villains is Victor Sorrotore. He seems to have the city in his grasp. His trickiness and lies have conspired against Vita’s grandfather. So, how can Vita hope to right this wrong? She is a child and then somebody from another world. Furthermore Vita’s physical skills are limited. So how on earth can Vita construct a gang? She needs The Good Thieves to join her in working against Victor Sorrotore and his villains It seems that everything that is just and fair has been erased by Sorrotore and his web, including hope and ingenuity!
At each turn of a Katherine Rundell title, we’re immersed in courage, daring and drama. Her books have an immediacy that draw us straight into the adventure. We’ve experienced this through mighty titles like The Wolf Wilder and The Explorer. Now we’re aboard a new breathtaking escapade, thanks to a new brave, intrepid heroine!


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