The Goods


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The Goods

by McSweeney’s

featuring Oliver Jeffers, Mo Willems, Simon Bartram, Mac Barnett, Carson Ellis and Jon Klassen

(Big Picture Press)

It seems as though The Goods is a ‘weekly all-ages feature for newspapers‘. However this  is a collection of forty-four instalments of ‘games, puzzles and- diversions‘. What’s more its content is by leading writers and illustrators like Oliver Jeffers. Thereafter, we work through a cacophony of activities. We can connect the dots, make ‘mad monk‘ and ‘flapper’ paper dolls or give ‘new answers to old riddles’. 
Along the way, we read expert advice, like ‘how to stay awake at a sleepover‘ or how to make money fast. Then again, we take surveys, enjoy comics such as ‘Detective Surgartooth and the Preposterous Panic Problem’ or laugh through diverting finger boxing activities. It seems that every page is packed with opportunity to launch, learn and participate. Thereafter, this is a title that demands time to dip in, consider and then reconnect, rather like 365 Days of Art in Nature
What’s more the graphics of The Goods are outstanding. It means that we pore through, not only identifying illustrators, but recognising and maybe recreating each individual style. It seems that every time I read this book I discover something new, something in which I want to participate!
Bookwagon recommends The Goods as an activity title and thereafter as an ideal gift.


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