The Goose Road


The Goose Road‘ is that travelled by Angelique Lacroix, determined to save her family farm for her brother, fighting at Verdun. Angelique is fuelled by desperation, the threat of The Requisition and the knowledge that her late father has betrayed his family. She leads her goose horde along fields and railway tracks, through danger and deceit.

This is an untypical WWI novel. There are few books written of the French/ European experience of WWI, much less titles for children or older readers. ‘The Goose Road‘ is brave, captivating and thoroughly readable. I learned a lot from this title, not least that the Spanish influenza epidemic, which killed more than WWI may have started from an infectious goose.

Older readers will be as enthralled by Angelique’s quest in ‘The Goose Road‘ as I was. This title is memorable and magnificent.


The Goose Road

Rowena House

(Walker Books)

When Angelique Lacroix learns of her father’s death at the front, her primary reaction is relief that her brother is alive. Then it’s how to save the farm for her brother’s return. The Requisition is on the march, her mother is hiding something from Angelique about the market, and all that remains are geese…
The Goose Road‘ is an explosion of a novel. From the outset it is Napoleon strong, brave and real. This WWI set story grips the reader immediately. Older readers are urged to read ‘The Goose Road’.


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