The Graveyard Riddle


Melody Bird walks Frankie about the graveyard. Although Jake thinks she’s weird, she finds the place fascinating. There’s always a little more to explore, which is how she discovers Hal, hiding out in the centuries’ old plague house. While he claims he’s a spy for M18, and working on an unsolved jewellery heist, Melody is suspicious. Yet the clues and evidence seem to show some authenticity.

Furthermore, Hal is a distraction from the distance she feels from Matthew, who has emerged from being The Goldfish Boy to realising a more healthy, if cautious, life. He seems closer to Jake, who is facing his own battles with his eczema and then at school.

Thereafter, there’s home, where Melody’s Mum zealous cleaning is prompted by a decision that threatens to change Melody’s life.

There’s a lot for Melody to consider, but she’s a thoughtful, vigilant, brave and determined character with whom we associate easily. Furthermore, we feel the same attachment to Chestnut Close, her home and world.

The Graveyard Riddle is a gripping, fascinating and really capably told story that had me completely engrossed. Bookwagon loves and recommends this book.

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The Graveyard Riddle

Lisa Thompson


The Graveyard Riddle appears in cracks upon the grave that Martin Stone tends. New riddles appear across the period that Melody Bird discovers and then supports Hal. He’s living in the old plague house that is falling apart, hidden behind the wall within the graveyard. Checking in with Hal, helping him with clues and provisions as he continues his surveillance for M18, is a distraction. It seems as though Melody has a lot on her mind.
We first met Melody in The Goldfish Boy as she sought to support Matthew. Some time has passed so that while Matthew is still having difficulty, he’s able to go outside and cope in most situations. Furthermore, he’s become closer friends with Jake, so that Melody feels excluded. Then again, there are problems at home for Melody, as she realises why her mother is decluttering their house quite so determinedly…
The Graveyard Riddle had this bookseller reading into the small hours. It is a really convincing, complex and brilliantly realised plot. It feels as though we know Chestnut Close, from the Rectory, beyond number 7, through each house and neighbour. Furthermore, we are thoroughly involved in Melody’s discovery, quest and dilemma. Bookwagon recommends this superb middle grade novel very highly to our readers.


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