The Great Godden


The Great Godden is the story of two families and one dreamy summer.  However, this is the summer when everything changes. Every summer two families stay in the same adjoining holiday houses by the sea in Ireland.  One of the teenagers observes as brothers and sisters, parents and older cousins fill hot days with wine and games and planning a wedding.

This summer however, there are visitors.  Enter the Godden brothers,  irresistible and charming Kit and surly, silent Hugo. Their arrival upsets the equilibrium. Might there be a serpent in this paradise?  The consequences will be devastating as relationships are strained and broken beyond repair and lives changed forever.

Bookwagon recommends The Great Godden as the perfect summer read for older, teenage readers who appreciate psychological and sociological considerations. Meg Rosoff, as evidenced by her star turn of YA books, is the consummate professional in creating such titles. The Great Godden is welcomed widely by Bookwagon. 



The Great Godden

Meg Rosoff


What happens when The Great Godden arrives? Every year, two families spend the summer together in neighbouring holiday houses alongside an idyllic Irish beach.  They play games, swim, make plans for the future and an upcoming wedding.  However it it all seems about to change with the arrival of glamorous American Godden cousins Kit and Hugo.  Could it be that the brothers are serpents in paradise?  Furthermore, what will happen to relationships as the brothers appear to offer hope, that might be dark promises.
Carnegie Medal winner Meg Rosoff returns to the YA genre with a languid, engaging novel of relationships  Tensions build steadily as relationships within the families are changed, perhaps forever.
Meg Rosoff’s earlier works for younger readers, featuring McTavish the dog are available in the Bookwagon shop.


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