The Great Storm Whale


During her visit to Noi’s island, his grandmother tells him a story of a girl who played a wooden flute, crafted by her grandpa, to a visiting whale. It seemed that the girl lived on an island, just like Noi. What’s more, when she played the flute, the whale would sing in return.

However, when a great storm blew up, the girl and her family were forced to leave the island and everything they’d ever had there. It was some time later that oddments, belongings from their island home, turned up on the shore of the island to which they’d escaped. However, when a wooden flute arrives and the girl looks out to sea to discover who might have left it, what might she discover? Then again, what has this story to do with Noi?

Alongside sea swept, brilliant, tender pictures, we’ve a story of such might and closeness to feel moved and awed. Bookwagon adores the works of Benji Davies. His storytelling is pitch perfect, while every brushstroke, every curve, is nuanced and considered. We are delighted to welcome The Great Storm Whale aboard.

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The Great Storm Whale

Benji Davies

(Simon & Schuster)

When Noi’s Grandma comes to visit in the autumn she tells him a story of a little girl. It seems the girl ‘lived on an island‘ that ‘she knew- like a whale knows every barnacle on its back‘. What’s more, she met a creature just like Noi did, in The Storm Whale.  What’s more, she played songs for the might animal upon a wooden flute fashioned by her grandfather. It seemed to inspire the whale’s song, in return.
However, when a stormy might blew everything to smithereens, forcing the girl and her family to leave the island. In fact, they had to start again, and although the girl looked to see, she never saw any whales again. Then again, what about the splinters of their old home that began to turn up? Furthermore, what if amongst these remains, there should come a wooden flute, one that the girl might play…. Then again, what is the purpose of Grandma’s story? Could there be a link to be shared, a remnant of family, through this story?
Benji Davies continues his glorious stories of Noi with The Great Storm Whale. Once more, we’re fresh faced with the wonder of the sea set pictures and then clumped up with emotion from the storytelling. Bookwagon adores this series and is delighted to welcome The Great Storm Whale aboard.


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