The Great Unexpected


Naomi can’t believe it when a boy, Finn-boy, falls out of a tree at her feet. ‘Is he dead? Is it a body? Do you know it? Who is it? Where did it come from? Pull out a clean cloth Naomi!’ urges her friend, Lizzie Scatterding who arrives at the scene.

The arrival of this mysterious boy upsets Naomi’s equilibrium. Everything is a little off-kilter in Blackbird Tree. There’s a Dingle-Dangle man arrived, ‘a foreigner‘, Naomi learns that she’s the reason there are no dogs in Blackbird Tree, Witch Wiggins appears to be upsetting the town’s electricity again and Crazy Cora is investigating her rooks. Could this have any thing to do with decisions being made across the ocean in Ireland?

‘The Great Unexpected’ is an intriguing, uplifting, naive and tender tale, ideal for readers who enjoy mystery and nostalgia. Sharon Creech is an incomparably creative writer. ‘The Great Unexpected’ demonstrates her talents enormously.

We recommend this enchanting tale to our Bookwagon readers.


The Great Unexpected

Sharon Creech

(Andersen Press)

A boy falling out of a tree? A visitor to Blackbird Tree? A revenge plot miles away in Ireland? How might these incidental events be connected? ‘The Great Unexpected‘ is a warm, wandering, wonderful chapter book that will delight the hearts of its readers.


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