The Greatest Show on Earth


Roll up, roll up for a fabulous whistle-stop tour of the entire history of the planet and all its inhabitants!  Join Rod the Roach and his insect pals as they guide us through a theatre show of delights and information.

Since it’s gaseous origins some 4.6 billion years ago, the earth has endured through dramatic phases of evolution.  Ice ages, mass-extinction events, volcanic activity, devastating asteroid and planetary collisions and the impact of humankind!  This thoroughly entertaining and engrossing book will be a fascinating and popular addition to school and home libraries. Bookwagon recommends The Greatest Show on Earth highly!

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The Greatest Show on Earth

Mini Grey

(Penguin) – hardback

The Greatest Show on Earth is a wonderful guide to the development of our planet and its inhabitants. Rod the Roach and his insect pals Are our hosts for a rush through 4.6 billion years of history.  They put on the most amazing stage show!  Every stage of the journey illustrates the key developmental phases of the planet.
Each double page spread takes the form of a theatre stage.  The stages’ wings are side panels packed with information and useful guides to how life might have been. The orchestra pit provides a tape measure giving us a timeline with annotations, illustrations and notice of when all the ice ages or warm ages happened. This is a very clever and fascinating visual approach that delivers a delightful canter through what can be difficult to understand concepts.
There is so much information on every page.  The approach taken by prize-inning author and illustrator Mini Grey is engrossing and informative in equal measures. The final double page spread is particularly welcome, being a full glossary of the difficult terms that readers may not have encountered before. This makes The Greatest Show on Earth so much more than just an illustrated book but into a vital information resource for young readers.


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