The Greedy Goat


Greedy Goat’s appetite knows no bounds; nobody and nothing on the farm is safe! His reckless eating has repercussions…. will Greedy Goat learn his lesson?

Big, approachable pictures, and clear, colourful text, ensure ‘The Greedy Goat‘ is a memorable, gorgeous read for younger children and their adults.

We follow his appetite with excitement and a little trepidation. What will happen next? ‘The Greedy Goat‘ is a masterclass in picture book making from Petr Horáček. This is a ‘forever’ book that will be enjoyed by young readers repeatedly.


The Greedy Goat

Petr Horáček

(Walker Books)

The Greedy Goat‘ is a picture perfect picture book. This is a laugh-out-loud story. It will be anticipated and enjoyed by younger readers. Petr Horáček is a tender, steady, imaginative picture book maker. ‘The Greedy Goat‘ proves his excellence.


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