The Gritterman


The Gritterman’ isn’t much of one for reading. Yet the letter he receives from the council is unmistakeable. He is about to take his last run, gritting the B2116. He supposes the road is tarmac covered now. Yet the side roads and queues of traffic will need his services. ‘The Gritterman‘ grits the pavements and footpaths ‘before it gets dark’. He feels like ‘a seasonal hero.’

The seemingly small life of ‘The Gritterman‘ is fulfilled by his role. He misses his Joy,  listens for the radio weather forecast,  exalts the moon. What will he do after his final run? After the A-roads and B-roads? What is out there for ‘The Gritterman’?

‘The Gritterman’ is an inner monologue of text, punctuated in snow-white borders by weather wet ink pictures. It is a graphic novel/ sophisticated picture book rich in pathos. ‘The Gritterman‘ is a glorious book.

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The Gritterman

Orlando Weeks

(Penguin Random House)

The Gritterman‘ has received a letter. ‘Dear Sir, your services are no longer required…’ Yet what is there for ‘The Gritterman’ if not the B2116? Even in the summer when he is an ice cream vendor, he is waiting for winter, for gritting. This is an exceptional history, emotional, meaningful and beautiful.


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