The Grizzly Itch


When Bear awakens from his ‘long, winter sleep‘ he’s aware of an itch, The Grizzly Itch. There is only one tree that will satisfy that itch, though Bear needs to queue until it’s his turn to scratch. At that point…. ‘CRASH!‘ On the other side of the stump appears a chastened Beaver. What can Bear do now? Where can he find the ‘right tree’ to scratch his grizzly itch?

Though he may be without a tree, Bear has a friend and ally. Together Bear and Badger venture into the forest on a quest to find another right tree. Yet every possibility appears to be too busy, embarrassing, dangerous or buzzing. Perhaps one that’s high up and alongside the river bank might be the answer?

The Grizzly Itch is such a delightful picture book! I love the warm, flowing, hopeful story, and the spring bright, beautifully framed and created pictures. We are proud to recommend this gorgeous book to our readers.


The Grizzly Itch

Victoria Cassanell

(Pan Macmillan)

What do you do if you have The Grizzly Itch? An ‘UNBEARABLE itch which you cannot reach‘? That’s Bear’s problem. After his ‘long winter’s sleep’ he seeks the ‘perfect tree for scratching‘. Yet, what happens if that tree is very busy with other bears? While you might wait, and wait, and wait for your turn, when it arrives there’s a….. ‘CRASH’! This is a catastrophe, for Bear’s itch is no ordinary itch! Could it be that what caused the crash might lend a paw and help Bear find another tree? It would need to be a friendly tree and one that makes Bear feel safe. It would need to be a tree without a sign atop or bees. Where can Bear and Beaver find just the right tree?
I love this picture book! I love the way the story progresses step by step so that we are committed to Bear and his new Beaver friend finding just the right tree! The pictures are spring fresh on a white background. Victoria Casanell changes framing and perspective so that we’re participants on the quest for their tree! Furthermore we are drawn in by the anticipation and hope in the faces of the new friends.
There’s a hint of Little Bear’s Spring but this title, like its picture book maker, is fresh, new and winning. The Grizzly Itch is just the right book about just the right tree and the right sort of friendship. Grab a friend and enjoy it!


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