The Guggenheim Mystery


One of my most pleasurable reads for Bookwagon has been The London Eye Mystery by Siobhan Dowd.  The sequel, The Guggenheim Mystery by Robin Stevens, is equally engrossing. Once again, the engaging characters Ted, whose brain works differently from most boys,  feisty sister Kat and  friend Salim, set out to solve a mystery. This time a priceless painting from the Guggenheim Museum in New York has been stolen.  The dialogue is snappy, the pace relentless and the powers of deduction shown by the little detectives are truly Sherlockian!.

The Guggenheim Mystery is a wonderful read in which to really sink your teeth and become involved. It is an absolute treat for any independent reader, reliant on reading thoroughly great books!

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The Guggenheim Mystery

Robin Stevens, from an original idea by Siobhan Dowd


In The Guggenheim Mystery, siblings Ted and Kat and cousin Salim are visiting their Aunt in New York.  When a painting is stolen from the famous Guggenheim Museum and it seems Ted’s Aunt Gloria has been framed for the theft, the children set off across the city to find the real thief. Ted’s the perfect detective, good at spotting intricate patterns and remembering tiny details. Furthermore, he is certain something doesn’t add up in the explanations given for the theft.  It’s a race against time to crack the case before Aunt Gloria is sent to prison and the painting disappears forever.
Moreover, there is a variation of the locked room theft in the story and this ingenious conundrum is at its heart.  This propels the plot forward to great effect.  Ted is a great character and it’s impossible not to root for him.  In overcoming his anxiety about being away from home and stepping out of his comfort zone, he does brilliantly.
This is an exciting as well as heart-warming story.  It is perfect fare for anyone who loves puzzles, crime mysteries and thinking outside the box.  Bookwagon is pleased to feature the first outing for Ted and Kat, The London Eye Mystery.


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