The Harder They Fall


Cal’s family haven’t bought into the digital world – no WiFi, no social media, just a very old black and white TV.  At school however, Cal has no choice but to live in the 21st century, coping with a range of bullies and chancers on a daily basis.  Then Cal’s mum decides that the family should be volunteers at a local food bank.  Working there one day Cal inadvertently discovers that the new boy in school, Jacob, has a secret, a secret Jacob definitely doesn’t want anyone to know about.

The tension mounts as Jacob’s family problems get the better of him and his behaviour at school get worse.  Cal and his friend Freya try to help, but Jacob doesn’t want to know.  This is a moving, witty and compassionate story, dealing with issues very much straight from the news.


The Harder They Fall

Bali Rai

(Barrington Stoke)

Cal struggles at home and in school and he feels new boy Jacob is a kindred spirit.  But Jacob isn’t interested when Cal tries to help him, in fact he is hostile.  Then Cal discovers Jacob’s secret, the key to his hostility.  When his secret threatens to become common knowledge, Cal and his friend Freya try to find a way to help.
The tension mounts as Jacob’s behaviour worsens and Cal’s good intentions keep going wrong.  This is a gripping and compassionate tale straight from the front pages and a thoroughly recommended read.  The book is published in dyslexia-friendly format.



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