The Heart and the Bottle


‘The Heart and the Bottle’ is one of my desert island books, i.e., it is so special that I need it.  I recall my tears the first time I read it, and the heavy silence that met it when I shared it with a class of children for the first time. They demanded to read it again, together and then individually. I have given this book to friends and family, and been given copies too.

Sadly, each of us will have been in a place wherein we want to protect ourselves from feeling again, for whatever reason. Children will experience this for a spaghetti whirl of reasons. However, shutting ourselves off and away from feeling denies us questions, experiences, relationships and life.

Through vast, meaningful pages, with sparing text and every shadow carefully considered Oliver Jeffers leads the reader through an experience of shutting off. ‘The Heart and the Bottle’ is a deeply wonderful, subtle, weighted picture book.

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The Heart and the Bottle

Oliver Jeffers

(Harper Collins)

The Heart and the Bottle‘ is a story of the fragility of the human heart, and feelings inspired by loss and sadness. It is a Bookwagon favourite. We recommend ‘The Heart and the Bottle‘ to every reader.

Winner – British Book Design Awards
Winner – V&A Book Illustrated Award


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