The High Street


Sally’s list includes a yellow rose, a bunch of grapes, a stripy rug and roller skates. She’s on ‘The High Street’ preparing to shop. At each stop, Sally opens a door. We fold back the page to reveal the cornucopia of delights within.

The sweet shop has jars of toffees stacked from ceiling to floor. We can watch the confectioners working and packing up boxes of delights as Sally pays for her candy heart.

The ‘curious cacophony of cackles, croaks and clicks‘ offered at Mrs Jomo’s pet shop is entrancing. We can travel upstairs here to the reptiles and arachnids. Sally’s after a cockatoo; will she find one?

‘The High Street’ is a ‘forever book’. It is one to read, look over and make new discoveries at every rereading. Alice Melvin’s language, rich with alliteration, tongue-tempting vocabulary and rhyme, is a delight. The pictures are glorious- postcard bright, detailed and quirky.

The High Street‘ is a treasure, a privilege to read, recommend, share and sell.

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The High Street

Alice Melvin

(Tate Publishing)– hardback

Sally’s shopping list holds goods available all along ‘The High Street‘. Where will she go? Will the goods be in stock? What else will she discover? ‘The High Street’ is a classic, rhyming, entrancing, ‘forever’ book packed full with discoveries and treasures!


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