The Hill We Climb


The Hill We Climb is a poem of aspiration, courage and ambition. Amanda Gorman read this poem at the inauguration of President Joe Biden on January 20th 2021. A few knew her story, from the little girl with speech difficulties, to the trailblazing Harvard graduate, who works and writes about racial and gender equality and the environment.

Shortly before she presented her poem, the United States was assaulted by the Capitol Hill riots. Amanda Gorman incorporated the fear and shock into her presentation that the nation was encouraged, the world aware that ‘we’ve weathered and witness/ A nation that isn’t broken, but simply unfinished.’ 

The rhythm and pace within her rhyme is exemplary. So too is her use of devices. Therefore, ‘We will not be turned around,/ Or interrupted by intimidation,/ Because we know our inaction and inertia/ Will be the inheritance of the next generation.’

The Hill We Climb is a poem to be heard, urgently and determinedly. Yet it is also to be read and realised, that the words and hopes are noted and respected. Bookwagon is proud to present this magnificent snapshot of a moment.

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The Hill We Climb

An inaugural Poem

Amanda Gorman, foreword by Oprah Winfrey


The Hill We Climb announced Amanda Gorman to the world. When she recited her poem at President Joe Biden’s inauguration, she shared her reflections and hopes for her nation. Furthermore, she considered the place of America. She offered ‘We lay down our arms/ So that we can reach our arms out to one another./ We seek harm to none, and harmony for all.’
It’s emerged that Amanda Gorman reappraised this poem in light of the storming of Capitol Hill on January 6th:- Amanda Gorman; life and writing What’s more, she was keen to reflect the need for a positive movement forward in what she wrote, that it reflected the hopes of a nation in a new year, with a new leader. Then again, Amanda Gorman sought to speak up for her gender, race, equality, gender politics and inclusivity. It is a lot to convey in one moment in the spotlight. We feel that in years to come, this young woman will be included in titles such as Youthquake.
The world was captivated by this young woman in a red headband:- Amanda Gorman reads The Hill We Climb.  Yet, reading this poem offers an opportunity to realise her craft. There is such wordplay and pulse, a ready beat and strong rhyme. Thereafter, her vocabulary is fierce and articulate, e.g., ‘This is the era of just redemption. We feared it at its inception.’ Then ‘- within it we’ve found the power/ to author a new chapter,/ To offer hope and laughter to ourselves.’ 
It seems that Amanda Gorman has also raised the profile of poetry with a realisation that this literary form can communicate our feelings and experiences in a uniquely meaningful way.

Bookwagon recommends The Hill We Climb as a title to gift, to read together, to keep and to draw hopes upon.


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