The Holidays


How do you feel when you look toward ‘The Holidays’? Like an endless swirling stretch of ribbon? Like the path of a ball in flight? What if your plans are thwarted? Perhaps you did not want to be companioned with a baby elephant? Maybe you did not want to be led to a carnival night? It could be that you do not find your grandfather’s antics to entertain a baby elephant very funny.

Blexbolex, acclaimed French picture book maker, has created a four part wordless story of a girl whose holidays are frustrated. She is desperate for her days and nights to linger, open planned, without companionship, planned activity, or a ticking clock. Her life seems to be framed by schedules. What can she do to take control and lose everything that seeks to thwart the potential freedom of ‘The Holidays’? 

Blexbolex uses nostalgic painterly tones, anecdotal additions of clocks and thumbnail time lapses and bursts, within his 128 paged masterpiece. ‘The Holidays’ is not a children’s book, but a ‘forever’ book. At each rereading there is something new to consider, enquire over and love.

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The Holidays


(Gecko Press)– hardback

It’s ‘The Holidays‘. The girl has a whole stretch of time at her disposal to do with what she wants. Furthermore, there is nobody to interrupt her plans. It seems like an endless opportunity… So, how will she react if Grandfather has other ideas? What about if he decides she needs company, challenging company, entertainment, activities?
Blexbolex won the Pépite 2017, France’s most prestigious book award for ‘The Holidays‘. However, this is not a wordless children’s book, only. Blexbolex has created a four part complex story book, albeit without words, that demands the reader concentrates on the plot. What is the girl’s motivation? Why is she so resolute about her holiday going her way?
I have had to read through ‘The Holidays’ on several occasions to fully understand it. On each occasion I’ve read something more, considered another factor. This demanding, wonderful, unique book is highly recommended. Gecko Press and Blexbolex offer readers a superb reading experience for a holiday, or any time.

Blexbolex in interview with Gecko Press about ‘The Holidays’


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