The Horse Who Came Home


In The Horse Who Came Home, Hannah’s family run a very successful stables where ponies are bought, trained and sold on.  Her Dad is a former Olympic show jumper, and his name and reputation are highly respected.  The whole family are involved in the stables.  Hannah’s sister, Millie has a growing following on social media for her pony videos and influential activities.

There is something about the sales transactions that troubles Hannah however and when she rescues a beautiful older pony called Bella, her suspicions are heightened.  Bella seems familiar and when Hannah begins to delve into the pony’s history, Hannah unearths a tragic history and one that has enormous implications for the stables business.  Surely there is no-one working at the stables who could be involved in the horrible activities that Bella’s history reveals? Love of ponies, or loyalty to family? Now that Hannah knows the truth, she faces an impossible choice…

Olivia Tuffin’s story is well told and will certainly appeal to those middle grade readers who like stories about animals and a good mystery to solve.


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The Horse Who Came Home

Olivia Tuffin

(Nosy Crow)

In The Horse Who Came Home, Hannah lives with her family at a farm and stables, where ponies are traded and trained.  The stables are highly respected, especially because Hannah’s father is a former Olympic show jumping champion.  The whole family are involved in the business.  Furthermore, the people that work for the family have been part of the business for generations.
Hannah, however, has for some time been troubled by some of the things she has seen at the stables.  Ashley, the son of the long term stable master, seems to treat the ponies simply as a commodity to be bought and sold.  What’s more, Hannah’s Dad has ceded a great deal of authority to Ashley.  Meanwhile, Hannah’s sister Millie has a growing influence on social media among pony enthusiasts.  She uses the stables as the backdrop for her videos and blogs.
One day at a horse fair, Hannah spots an older pony named Bella.  Her owner is willing to sell.  Hannah feels she knows Bella and buys her, using pocket money savings and with help from her friends. She is not the only person at the stables who seems to recognise Bella, including her father and Ashley.  Moreover, Hannah determines to delve into Bella’s past and uncovers some uncomfortable information.  It seems to reveal some disturbing activities at the stables.  Furthermore, with the knowledge she has, does she remain loyal to her family or does her concern for horse welfare take precedence?
Olivia Tuffin has written many novels about ponies and this one is a thrilling mystery, with great heart.


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