The Houdini Inheritance


Glory and Dennis are consumed by thoughts of world famous escapologist, Harry Houdini, appearing in Sidford-on-Sea. The pair are convinced they can work out his methods despite the fact these secrets are closely guarded.

When Glory and Dennis manage front row seats at a further appearance there’s an opportunity for Glory to challenge Houdini on stage. When things don’t go quite as planned, Houdini needs to visit to Glory’s home urgently in order to be released.

However, Houdini isn’t the only one who’s acting with urgency. It seems he’s being tailed. A public challenge to the audience at his Alhambra’s show seems to be directed toward the person who’s threatening him,

Yet there’s something in the shadows of Glory’s home that catches Houdini’s attention. Could it offer him a chance to keep his secrets safe? What can be arranged? Or might it all be too late?

From English seaside, to the rush of Coney Island, there’s deceit, disguise, drama, dogs and danger, The Houdini Inheritance is an outstanding read. We are convinced by the 1926 setting, feel Houdini’s fear and weariness, the thrill of his pursuer’s chase, alongside Glory’s excitement and intuition. Bookwagon recommends The Houdini Inheritance highly to our readers.

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The Houdini Inheritance

Emma Carroll

(Faber & Faber)

Glory’s under the supervision of older sister Effie, who’s also taken on the responsibility of the family tattoo parlour. However, business is slow, as Mum’s in Coney Island working with ‘the tattooist who inked Lady Viola’. Then again, there’s excitement in Sidford-by-the-Sea because of Harry Houdini’s visit.
However, his visit becomes the adventure of a lifetime for Glory, and Dennis, her best friend, and their families. It seems that Houdini’s skills do not extend to unlocking an aged contraption Glory presents him with. Thereafter, it leads to a panicked visit to Glory’s home. However could it be that something other than release catches Houdini’s attention? In fact, might it be that he sees a way out of a deadly plot against him? Then again, what if Glory and Effie are left with responsibility for the safety of his most precious artefacts? The Houdini Inheritance, in fact!
Emma Carroll grips readers with each one of her fabulous novels, from The Somerset Tsunami to The Tale of Truthwater Lake. Readers fall into the drama and setting so quickly so as to swept away.
From the outset, as Glory and Dennis evade the attention of Effie and Granny Vic, we are gripped. Mind you, it helps that we’re holding our breaths along with the crowd, through Houdini’s desperate escape. Then again, we’ve a journey to somewhere new and exciting, where we can almost smell the contrasting sea air and greasepaint, and feel the big rush of the fairground rides.
The Houdini Inheritance is a triumph. Bookwagon recommends it to all curious, engaged middle grade readers. In fact, this Bookwagoneer read this wonderful novel in one take!


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