The House at the Edge of Magic


Nine cannot return to The Nest without a pickpocketed treasure. It’s the only home she can remember and despite its cruelty, Pockets, its keeper,  is the only adult who’s taken her in. Yet in being sheltered, she must earn her keep in treasures and surrender the only possession she’s ever had, a small, silver musical box.

Therefore, when she pockets a small ornament from a glittery bag, Nine is curious. It seems to be a little house. Once she drops the knocker the house transforms into The House at the Edge of Magic. This is a seemingly cursed house, in need of an answer to release it! Furthermore, Flabbergast, resident wizard, Eric the Troll and Spoon, are trapped within it, unable to cross  either threshold. They promise Nine a most extraordinary jewel should she help them.

Yet what might Nine have to sacrifice to be of help? Furthermore, what of three residents in a magical house who seem unable even to make a pot of tea or open a cupboard? Then again, what does Nine have to lose?

Bookwagon adores The House at the Edge of Magic and recommends it highly to newer readers with growing experience, alongside middle grade readers, seeking a truly engaging title!

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The House at the Edge of Magic

Amy Sparkes, with cover illustrations by Ben Mantle

(Walker Books)

Nine needs a little something to sweeten the edge of returning to the Nest without anything to show for her pickpocketing or Pockets will retaliate. She has quick fingers and instincts but still the piece that tumbles from the unusual beaded bag appears to defy her. When she does manage to net it, she discovers its curiosity. It seems to be a valuable ornament, a house; Nine hooks ‘her grubby finger under the minuscule knocker‘ and…  creates The House at the Edge of Magic.
Nine’s entrance to the house, which grows and grows, brings with it awareness of a curse with a ticking time limit. Should Nine help Flabbergast, Eric and Spoon to break the curse she is promised a glittering red ‘jewel of immense monetary value‘. Nine’s only possession is a silver music box, held onto by Pockets as collateral. Surely solving the puzzle and winning the prize will change her future forever?
Nine is quick, solitary and sharp. Furthermore she needs a way to be released from Pockets’ hold and create a more certain future. Is it possible that she can find a way to solve the clues left by the witch’s curse? Thereafter, is it possible she might work with a proud, ridiculous wizard, a troll and a Scottish Spoon (seeking his Dish)?
Amy Sparkes’ The House at the Edge of Magic is a treat and a triumph! Not only is it very funny and imaginative, but we care about these characters. Furthermore, the author leaves this story with a chance for a return…. We cannot wait!


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