The House at the End of the Sea


Saffi isn’t happy with her new life.  She’s now living with her father and younger brother Milo in her old-fashioned grandparents’ house, used as a B&B by the sea. What’s more, Saffi is still grieving for her mum.  All she wants is for things to return to normal.

But this new home is even worse than she might have imagined.  She and her brother begin to see and hear strange things in the house.  A group of extraordinary visitors arrive late one night, their presence unsettling everyone.  She then learns of the suspicion and disdain with which her family is held in the town.  Indeed, Saffi and Milo, with the help of local boy Birdy, begin to realise that her family has a dark, magical secret. Instead of revolting from the mystery, she redoubles her efforts to discover the truth and maybe find a way into another world.

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The House at the End of the Sea

Victoria M Adams

(Andersen Press)

The House at the End of the Sea follows the mysteries uncovered by Saffi and her brother Milo as they delve into their family’s history and secrets.  Having relocated to live with her grandparents following their mother’s death, they discover their family is treated with disdain and suspicion.
Saffi and Milo begin to see and hear strange phenomena in their grandparents’ house.  These include a mysterious face in a mirror and strange noises and voices.  After making friends with local boy Birdy, Saffi begins to learn the shameful secrets of an ancestor, Sir Henry.  He made his fortune during the colonial period and exploited many along the way in doing so.  Moreover, he may also have entered into a pact with ‘fairy folk’.  This pact is expected to be honoured by his heirs and descendants.  What’s more, Sir Henry’s deeds have exerted an eerie hold over his family.  Furthermore, Saffi and Milo realise they must strive to break this spell.
There is much to be enjoyed in this multi-layered and atmospheric middle grade novel.  There is a menacing mystery that has a fateful hold over future generations, alongside a number of brilliantly explored themes of colonialism, grief and revenge.


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