The House on the Edge


Faith’s father disappeared some four months ago. She’s aware of the town’s fascination, just as she’s aware of their gaze upon the family’s historic house, The Lookout, The House on the Edge.

As cracks open up within her family, her mother torn apart upstairs in her bedroom, her little brother digging into the cellar of the house, Faith tries to hold it all together. Yet the cracks grow bigger and closer. What’s more, Noah is insistent that the howling he hears is from sea ghosts. Could Sam, the strange, scruffy boy who seeks to befriend Faith, be a sea ghost? He seems to offer clues about her father. Then again, what good are clues, when Uncle Art is after hidden treasure from the house, and Mrs Hollowbread wants answers about Noah’s behaviour at school? Furthermore, how can Faith break into the  basement, disobeying her father’s orders, to discover what is down there, when she’s terrified? What truths are hidden by The House on the Edge?

Cleverly, Alex Cotter marries the creeping erosion affecting Faith’s home, to the chaos of her family life. How can Faith avert a crisis, or might the crisis reveal the truth? The House on the Edge is a gripping, breathtaking emotional and precarious journey of history, half truths and loss.


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The House on the Edge

Alex Cotter

(Nosy Crow)

Tom Walker was committed to The House on the Edge. That commitment continued through his ancestors, to Faith’s father. However, it has not continued to the house, through which cracks now filter. What’s more, howling disturbs Noah’s sleep, while upstairs, Faith’s mother will not leave her bedroom. Yet of Faith’s father, nothing has been seen for four months.
It seems it is up to Faith  to care for Noah and rouse her mother, while keeping Mrs Hollowbread off the family’s case. Then there’s Faith’s friends, and Mr Kowalski and his interest in Faith’s home. What’s more, The Lookout is a feature in Whitby, its history and precarious nature a source of interest and increasing curiosity. Thereafter, there’s curiosity about Faith’s father’s whereabouts. What has happened to him? It seems Faith’s uncle and aunt are interested in seizing whatever treasures might be hidden within the house. Then again, Noah is determined that Faith takes notice of the ghosts he hears, while Faith just wants answers.
Might Sam, the strange, scruffy boy about town offer any clues? He seems to have a special interest in The Lookout. What of the old box that Uncle Art manages to steal? Then again, what of the cracks through the house and then Faith’s family?
Alex Cotter makes a strong debut  with The House on the Edge. It is reminiscent of Wave Riders in its feelings of secrets waiting to be discovered. Bookwagon loves the emotional and physical parallels of The House on the Edge. What’s more we appreciate the desperation of Faith and her courage in facing the truth alongside history, and a future.


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