The House With Chicken Legs


Baba insists that all Marinka needs is here with her. ‘The House With Chicken Legs’ provides everything for them. They move from ocean, to mountain, lake to desert, as Guardians of the Gate, helping the dying travel to the other side. Baba wants Marinka to understand the meaning and traditions that prepare the dead for their journey.

Yet Marinka desires more. She yearns for friends, freedom, real experience of the living. Her ambition puts Baba and ‘The House With Chicken Legs‘ in danger. Can Marinka realise her fragility and weight of responsibility of her upbringing? Will she find what she seeks?

Sophie Anderson’s début novel is rich in tradition, folklore and superstition. She has used her own knowledge of Russian fairytales as a background to her unique story. ‘The House With Chicken Legs’ is highly recommended to readers who enquire, wonder and imagine.


The House With Chicken Legs

Sophie Anderson


Marinka does not want to be a Guardian of the Gate, like her Baba. She wants to meet real, live people, go the market, play and swim. Marinka puts ‘The House With Chicken Legs‘ in danger because of her wishes. Can she find what she wants without destroying what she has?


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