The Hueys in None the Number


A Counting Adventure

What is zero…..’Um…. I don’t see any.’ Oliver Jeffers supports the nothingness through his pages of white space, of emptiness. The speech lines offer opportunities for discussion in the reading sharing. ‘Is none a number?’ What do the numbers, as we count really mean? So for 2 (two), the reader considers, ‘like two sleeps until the big day.’ Eight party guest try to guess the gift, and the reader is compelled , drawn in, until ‘- when you take them all away- you get nothing.’

Again, Oliver Jeffers’ enquiry propels this superb Hueys’ title’s central question. Seen philosophically, mathematically or even sociologically, it is a gem, but for a reader, it is enticing. The Hueys in all their oval, repeated simplicity are captivating, questioning and demand to be read.


The Hueys in None the Number

Oliver Jeffers

(Harper Collins)

‘The Hueys in None the Number’ is Oliver Jeffers’ exploration of numbers. What is zero?  What is O’s relationship with the other numbers? Philosophical, intellectual, curious and dazzling!


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