The Huffalots


The Huffalots emerge at the start of the day. They ‘don’t want to get up or stay in bed’. It seems like nothing is right, until breakfast, when ‘the first magical transformation occurs‘ and they become ‘Huffalittles’. While they don’t like their coats, somehow the prospect of a visit to the park, and opportunities to ‘race‘ and ‘chase‘ release a little joy!

A ‘second magical transformation occurs’ in the park, when they become ‘Lovealittles’ ready to chase, but also to share and cuddle. Could there be more? Who, after all, are ‘the Lovealots‘? Might they find everything funny ‘particularly each other’? 

Eve Coy’s The Huffalots invites us to experience a waking day for two siblings and their mother. We watch their activities, choices, interaction and play, and their gentle changes. What a nuanced, sensitive, recognisable record. We have so many questions and so much with which we are familiar. The gentle tones, and careful sequence and interesting details are the hallmarks of a picture book maker of such skill. Bookwagon recommends The Huffalots highly to our very young readers. Evidence proves that early readers value the experience of sighting and reading about human characters, children, in their reading choices. Eve Coy creates superb picture books that provide this.


The Huffalots

Eve Coy

(Andersen Press)– hardback

The Huffalots are ‘very strange creatures’. While they ‘don’t want to stay in bed‘ and appear to ‘not like each other’ something ‘magical’ occurs at breakfast, when they transform into the Huffalittles! At that point while they’re still a little resistant, despite agreeing to their ‘dinosaur jumpers’, they feel inclined to enjoy the park. The park, with flowers, feathers and hugs executes another transformation as the strange creatures ‘become Lovealittles‘. What does that entail? Furthermore, could it be that there may be other changes ahead through the children’s day?
Eve Coy tracks the day of two siblings with such sensitivity, awareness, reliability and humour. Her pen and wash pictures are nurturing and inviting, as we’ve experienced in her beautiful Looking After Daddy. Her tone, changes in perspective and approach are reminiscent of the great Bob Graham, as in Want to Play Trucks?
Bookwagon is excited to read, recommend and share The Huffalots. This is a ‘forever’ title, to read, cherish and share.


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