The Hug


The Hug‘ is all Hedgehog wants. It’s the only way to help his sadness. Fox has a bin to knock over and Squirrel has to count his nuts. Will anyone give Hedgehog ‘The Hug’ he needs and wants so much?

Could Tortoise be the one to help? Tortoise is feeling sad. He needs ‘The Hug’. Can the animals help? Surely sticky hands and hole digging can wait?

Polly Dunbar places Hedgehog, and Tortoise, alone in central positions within white backgrounds. This emphasises their plight against the frenzy of the other characters’  busy-ness. The reversal process of the interlinked two stories is entrancing. It will captivate young readers, demanding discussion and comparison.

Eoin McLaughlin and Polly Dunbar have created a meaningful, warm, empathetic picture book in ‘The Hug‘.

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The Hug

Eoin McLaughlin, Polly Dunbar


You know, when the only thing that will help is ‘The Hug‘? The one that you long for… What happens if it’s a bit awkward, or even, if you’re a bit awkward? What’s a hugger to do? Will you ever find somebody who is just right and can offer ‘The Hug‘?


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