The Hypnotist


It took this reader a long time to read ‘The Hypnotist‘. This is a work of depth and worth that demands to be known and understood. I felt protective of Pip, Hannah and Jack Morrow,  horrified by their vulnerability in a setting that was foreign and threatening to each of them. For the author to  work his themes of fairness and civility in so many ways, beyond the obvious one of Pip’s danger at the hands of the KKK, demonstrates his research, strength and skill.

Bookwagon recommends ‘The Hypnotist‘ to every reader aged from 13 years of age. It is a strong, heartfelt cry for equal rights and fairness for all in society, wherever they may be. I am awed by Laurence Anholt’s storytelling.


The Hypnotist

Laurence Anholt


Jack Morrow is living in the American south pursuing his academic studies. Yet an unique talent and his foreignness, are not the only reasons he is isolated in this community. It’s the 1960’s Vietnam War era, change is stirring, but in Dead River, fear and hatred are rife and Jack Morrow’s young, captive neighbours, Pip and Hannah, are in danger. This is a deep, stirring, thoughtful novel, recommended for older readers, demanding a book of weight and worth. We recommend ‘The Hypnotist‘ to readers aged from 13 years. 

Selected for the 2018 Carnegie Medal long-list.


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