The Ice Children


Who are The Ice Children? Might they have been formed through magic held within a secretive silver book? Bianca retraces her little brother’s steps after he is discovered frozen in the park. She recalls the book but cannot find it anywhere except in glimpses, held by, or passed to other children. Who is the strange top- hatted stranger who appears at every juncture?

Although nobody seems to attend to Bianca’s investigation, she’s determined to discover what is behind the doors of the bookbinding factory. What she finds leads to a palace of wonder and danger. How can Bianca unlock the magic and release Finn and the other Ice Children? Then again, what is the reason for this freezing? Could it be anything to do with another child? A scared brother? The future of winter?

M.G. Leonard has created a story of wonder and spectacle, compelling and magical. Not only do we appreciate the family love shared by Bianca and Finn, but are reminded, thoroughly, of seasonal glories, and the threat to this phenomenon. Through employing traditional story lore, alongside our love of seasonal change and knowledge of climate change damage, this talented writer has created a story that will linger in memories and hearts forever. Bookwagon loves and recommends The Ice Children.

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The Ice Children

M.G. Leonard, illustrated by Penny Neville- Lee

(Pan Macmillan)

The night before Finn is discovered as a frozen statue, he and Bianca argue. In fact, their argument is so strong it is all that Bianca thinks of initially. Did she cause this? Thereafter, she recalls her little brother, all they share, his abandoned rabbit, Sposh, and the deep love they share. So who has frozen Finn? Then again, how can Bianca undo this magic?
It seems to be something to do with the book that Finn took from the library. However, in searching for this book, attempting to warn about its potential danger to others, Bianca finds herself at odds with everyone. Could this be a quest she must undertake alone? Then again, might this lead to the palace, where another brother is working to save the life of his sister? What is the purpose of assembling The Ice Children?
M. G. Leonard presents a powerful story of family love and history, courage and intuition. However, the story is steeped in the lore of The Snow Queen, Jack Frost and then considered within the impact of climate change upon our lives. Like other books by this magnificent writer including Twitch, this is a compelling, emotional and stirring story. Bookwagon loves and recommends The Ice Children. 


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